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Inspired since 2008…

G-CUBE started when a young lady noticed the computer accessories we use every day are dull and masculine. She realized “CHANGE” is needed. G-CUBE, world’s first brand has revolutionized the market by offering a refreshing line of computer peripherals that are sleek, modern, colorful & stylish. G-CUBE blends fashion with technology.

Inspired by our users since 2010…

G-CUBE added a new line “G-CUBE Audio” to the family and won its recognition in North America. With more praise and support from G-CUBE’s Audio users, G-CUBE strived to create and offer our users more choices of Audio and bring it to the next level!

Today, G-CUBE’s design philosophy remains the same but greatly expanded its product category into G-CUBE Audio (mobility) & When G-CUBE meets Apple (Mac world). G-CUBE’s quality conscious about every note in music. G-CUBE wants you to hear the sound that you can’t hear with other headsets at affordable price.

G-CUBE wants you to Be Yourself…Inspire Others!

If you have an inspiration that you’d like to share, contact us at info@gggcube.com !

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