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Splash G-Laser Mouse
Model : GLPS-310G
It’s about time to update your desktop accessories! Paint Splash Collection is the newest addition to the G-Cube collection for 2011. It’s inspired by the colorful color wheel and messy paint splashes. The paint splash philosophy has been introduced long ago starting with actual paintings then moved on to apparels, and now G-Cube is taking it on to the next level and incorporating the design into lifestyle products technologies.
Product Dimension:

3.75 x 2.5 x 2.25 in. (95 x 63.5 x 63.5 mm)

    V-Track Mice Features :
    • Short light path:
      Less power consumption
    • Vertical reinforced light ensures perfect precision
    • Cursor moves smoothly on soft 3D fabrics
    • Incomparable adaptability on all surfaces
    • Tiny lens aperture prevents dust accumulation

    Functions :
    • 3 Shiftable Report Rates, Ensures No Lag Response
      Instantly shifts mouse report rate between 8 / 4 / 2 ms for power saving and delivers smooth, accurate cursor control
    • 16-in-One
      Software “ 16 Gestures ” provides 16 programmable hotkey commands
    • 0 Lag Technology
      Provides smoothest cursor motion
    • 5-DPI Shift
      Shift from 800-1000-1200-1600-2000 DPI
    • Anti-interference with Auto Channel Hopping
      Automatically detects and secures available channels in the busy public 2.4GHz universal bands
    • 2-Way Communication ensure precision
      Error correction capability speeds up data transmission without delay and increases wireless precision.
    • 8 Gestures in Right Button
      The mouse allows you get 8 functions on “ Right ” button
    • Battery Status Indicator
      Aware of the battery power anytime with G-Cube’s uniquely designed “ SmartRight 8 ” software
    • Additional USB Extension Cable -
      Mouse comes with short cable for laptop users. Package includes an additional USB extension cable for desktop users

    • Travel Pouch -
      Provides easy portability while traveling and protects it from scratches
    Interface Type USB
    Operating voltage 5.0V
    Working current 25mA
    Number of Keys 3D3KEY
    Key life 100 million times
    DPI 1000
    Working way Optical


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